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Mini Polished Cube Hook
Mini Polished Cube Hook
Mini Polished Cube Hook
Mini Polished Cube Hook

Mini Polished Cube Hook

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The Mini polished cube hook is the best choice for one who opens high dollar wax bottles..The Mini cube Hook is combines efficient ergonomics and sheer beauty.  This mini opener packs a variety of features in a small opener. Just as versatile as its larger brother but 33% smaller. It makes an excellent stocking stuffer or perfect for that bottle share across town.The hook design gives you multiple options for slicing, carving and peeling wax coated bottles. This opener comes polished finish. Not recommended for coastal towns. This opener does come in an oil quenched finish as well.


  • Made from Mild Carbon steel
  • Spear tip
  • 6" Height
  • .5" squared handle
  • Polished finish



    1/4" pulldown style opener

    Will not damage bottle caps

    Easy leverage

    Hook Tip

    Easily cuts, carves and peels wax from bottle tops on wax coated bottles

    Morehart Edge

    Handmade Artisan design

    Each piece is slightly different from the next

    You will not find the same design anywhere else

    Polished Mirror like finish