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The Bishop Axe Opener
The Bishop Axe Opener

The Bishop Axe Opener

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This is the Bishop . It is a non- symmetrical dual blade design with diamond twist handle. It shares some similarities with the Executioner but looks a bit more elegant.

This opener comes in an oil quenched finish. It has a satin finish with hints of brown and blue with oil baked on to it for looks and protection. This finish is a great choice for those who live in coastal or high humidity areas.


  • Made from Mild Carbon steel
  • 9" Height
  • 4" Blade width
  • .5" squared handle
  • Oil quenched finish



    1/4" pulldown style opener

    Will not damage bottle caps

    Easy leverage

    Wax cutter / peeler

    Easily cuts and peels wax from bottle tops on wax coated bottles

    Shotgun tool

    Easily punctures Aluminum cans for a uniform hole everytime

    Handmade Artisan design

    Each piece is slightly different from the next

    You will not find the same design anywhere else